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Pearl Lustre Luxury designs that are classic, timesless, and trendy. Looks of today at very affortable prices! The Pearl Lustre Collection has been freatured on Television Internationally
by Paula De La Garza
At The Shopping Channel, Ideal World, Home Shopping Network, and QVC Untied Kingdom. Also featured in most Deptments Stores, and various Jewelry Stores and Websites. I bring you designs you will love and  bring them to life. I pull inspiration from nature, art, color and textures to create unique designs.  Whether you are looking for yourself or someone special, a necklace, bracelet,
pendant, or earrings with gemstones or diamonds there is something in the collection that will make your eyes light up.At PEARL LUSTRE, we do our utmost to educate clients and answer questions regarding our designs and origin of our materials. Our goal is to be honest and open, as well as consciously support your needs.

Conscious Designs

PEARL LUSTRE is blessed with talent and the ability to do what we love - create and work with our hands. There is something in the art of design that makes us feel alive. Also, there is no better feeling for us as jewelry designers than to see someone wearing one of our creations. It is the ultimate compliment as an artist and jewelry maker. Creating gorgeous jewelry from raw ideas and materials is what we do. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or need a little design help, we can create the perfect piece. Free string with purchase!

Design Brilliance

Working in a range of metals and  gemstones and diamonds  we create everything. From fabricating rings from flat metal and carving intricate designs to refabricating older pieces, resetting stones, and hand stamping inscriptions and wire wrap jewelry, we take a great deal of pride in each piece.

Cleaning and Restring Services 

We offer cleaning and restringing services for pearls and pearl jewelry. For security and durability it is best to restring pearl necklaces and bead jewelry at least every five years.
Cultured pearls are often strung on silk thread with a knot between each pearl. This keeps the pearls from rubbing against each other and prevents all the pearls from cascading to the floor if the necklace was to break. Silk thread is susceptible to wear and tear, especially if you wear the necklaces all the time. The fine silk can stretch and weaken, so if you see extra space between the knots that separate the pearls from each other, that could be a sign that the necklace needs to be restrung. Trust our experts to handle your finest pearl and gemstone beads. We provide free estimates.

Pearl Lustre
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